10 Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Legs Fast

Stretch marks are basically scar-like visible lines on skin usually with a noticeable off-color hue. Although stretch marks are more common in abdomen, they can easily occur on other parts like legs, upper arms etc. Stretch marks are most commonly associated with pregnancy, but stress, rapid growth, sudden change in weight or physical condition can cause stretch marks too.

If stretch marks on legs make you feel conscious about yourself or uncomfortable then there are quite a number of ways you can get rid of them. Let us discuss 10 ways in which you can get rid of stretch marks on legs fast by following some natural remedies sitting at the comfort of your home.

1.) Castor oil

Castor oil is widely popular for its effectiveness in treating a number of skin related problems like wrinkles, dark spots under eyes, pimples etc. It is also very potent in getting rid of stretch marks on legs and can used daily to get best results soon. Take some castor oil and gently massage affected areas for 10 minutes in circular motion. Once the oil seeps in, cover the area with a thin cotton material and apply heat externally for another half an hour. You can use hot water bottle or electric heat pads. Repeating this process will help nurture the dermal layer which causes stretch marks and will help you get rid of stretch marks on legs fast.

2.) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel finds its use in numerous ways owing to its healing nature and rejuvenating properties. You can directly apply this gel, leave it undisturbed for 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Otherwise, for more effective results, mix Aloe Vera gel along with oil from Vitamin E and Vitamin A capsules and massage this mixture gently on to the affected areas till they are absorbed by the skin. Daily use in either way can help your stretch marks go away sooner.

3.) Lemon juice

Lemon juice is rich in citric acid which helps cleanse skin and heal. They can be very effective in treating stretch marks and is not only convenient but a fast working remedy. Apply lemon juice directly onto affected areas and gently rub till your skin soaks in the juice. Wash off after 10-15 minutes with warm water. You can subsequently mix lemon juice along with a little cucumber juice for a much more refreshing skin.

stretch marks on legs

4.) Egg whites

Egg whites are rich source of albumin and other proteins and help in skin related troubles in more ways than you can imagine. The proteins help nurturing skin greatly and thus are very effective for treating stretch marks which is basically stretching of a dermal layer in skin. Egg whites help in boosting up the process of such skin repair to a great extent.

Firstly, you have to carefully separate the egg whites from the yolk. Whisk the whites in a bowl into a thick consistency and apply it on your affected areas with a brush. Ensure that you wash the area properly beforehand. Let the egg whites dry off completely and then wash with cold water. If it seems that the skin is too dry while following this remedy, you can use olive oil or any other moisturizers to keep your skin from becoming too dry. This process can be done at least twice a week for fast results.

5.) Sugar

Regular table sugar or white sugar has an absorbing nature and can help exfoliate skin. This can come in very handy when treating for skin damage like stretch marks. Use sugar mixed with some lemon juice and almond oil and rub for a few minutes on your legs every day before taking a shower. Soon you will notice the stretch marks fading off. Exfoliating your skin helps you get rid of stretch marks on legs and this is a natural substitute of getting it done professionally.

6.) Potatoes

Potatoes, also known for their absorbent nature are effective for exfoliating your skin and contain horde of vitamins and minerals which help in cell restoration of skin. For this very reason, rubbing slices of raw potato on stretch marks of your legs daily for a few minutes can be an effective home treatment. Let the potato juices soak in for a few minutes and then wash with warm water for better results.

7.) Alfalfa

Alfalfa leaves are widely popular as an effective home remedy for skin owing to 8 important amino acids that these leaves contain along with some other essential proteins and vitamins which are also good for skin. The amino acids and other proteins help in overall development and betterment of skin cells while Vitamin K and Vitamin E ensure proper growth and nourishment of skin. Mix alfalfa leaves or powder with a few drops of chamomile to get a thick paste like consistency. Gently massage this mixture on to your affected areas at least 2-3 times daily. Losing stretch marks on legs becomes much easier following this remedy.

8.) Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is known to be a very useful natural moisturizer that not only keeps your skin healthy but also provides proper nourishment helping in growth of skin cells. Most commonly, people apply cocoa butter directly a few times a week to get rid of stretch marks on legs. But you can also mix a little apricot or almond oil along with Vitamin oil to keep your skin more hydrated and healthy thus helping it heal faster.

stretch marks on legs

9.) Olive Oil

The list of health benefits that comes along with olive oil is unending and non-exhaustive. An effective anti-oxidant, olive oil contains a number of nutrients which act as an effective remedy against stretch marks on legs. You can use slightly heated olive oil directly on affected areas or also mix it with vinegar and water and leave it overnight. Olive oil helps exfoliating your skin and improving blood circulation immensely.

10.) Water

The most important substance that can help heal a human body is water. Ensure that you keep yourself hydrated. Well hydrated body keeps off a number of skin problems and helps lose stretch marks on legs fast.

These are some basic home remedies which immensely help while treating stretch marks as they help the scar marks to fade noticeably within short duration of time.

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