10 Ways To Get Rid Of Oral Herpes

Oral herpes is that infection caused by a herpes simplex virus. This infection affects either the lips, mouth and even gums. The infection causes small blisters, which are painful called cold sores and sometimes also known as fever blisters. Mostly, people contract this infection while they are kids maybe by being kissed.

Most people have assumed that herpes only affects the areas around the lips; this however is not true. Some herpes symptoms can appear between the upper lips, inside the nose and also on the cheek. To get rid of oral herpes requires stun medical attention.


Tongue herpes

Herpes virus affects even the tongue. They are the most uncomfortable of all types. This infection causes painful sores on the tongue. Herpes on the tongue causes aching muscles and even fever.

Mild oral herpes

Mild oral herpes is that type of herpes that is not easily recognized. It affects such areas as the upper lips, under the chin and other areas that cannot be seen easily. There affects are slow and painless, though they develop pain with time.


The oral herpes infection can have several symptoms depending on an area they affect. Such symptoms include :

  • Feeling of mild fever
  • Pain on the skin around the lips and mouth, turning the skin reddish.
  • Far feelings of itching, increased sensitivity and burning.
  • Appearances of rashes around the lips and gum.
  • Many small blisters with yellowish substances inside.
  • Small blisters again will form on already formed blisters.
  • Formation of blisters, break after sometimes and ooze.
  • Pink healing skin revealed by yellow crusts.

oral herpes pictures


The oral herpes infection is transmitted through direct contact with an infected skin. This should be between an affected area with a broken skin on the lips, mouth or chin for it to be transmitted. Also, sharing of infected saliva from newly infected person through kissing. Undetected herpes can also be transmitted when an affected area comes in contact with a cut skin surface.

Getting rid of herpes

Several approaches to curse these infections have shown no permanent results. An active herpes infection results in cold sores. Several steps can be taken to reduce symptoms and even prevent future outbreaks:


1. Take Antiviral Medications

Immediate administration of antiviral medics should be done. Valtrex, Zovirax and Famvir can be effective. Also you can apply denavir to the affected area. These medications are used to control the infections spread, the formation of sores and also reduce pain.


2. Apply Abreva

The American social health association has proved that Abreva can treat this infection. This medication helps in speeding up the rate of healing the sores.


3. Apply ointments containing lidocaine or benzyl alcohol.

Application of such ointments will help to great extend in numbing the affected areas. The symptoms will also be controlled and reduced. Also the oilments will help in reducing pain at infected areas.


4. Take Lysine Supplements

Some companies have been seen marketing this product as a cure to the herpes infections. The lysine is made up of amino acid substances. America social health association have proved that application of this substance at an affected area helps in reducing the time taken for the sores to heal. They also can reduce the outbreak of these infections. This product can be taken in a form of pills or oilments directly applied on affected areas.


5. Avoid Oral Herpes Triggers

The herpes virus can be present in one’s body but in an inactive form. However, certain favorable conditions can trigger these viruses to be active in ones body causing cold sores. Such conditions include having both physical and emotional stress. Eating a balanced diet, sleeping enough and also reducing stress factors will help keep ones body immune system strong. Therefore, these will prevent future outbreaks, and will speed up the healing time of cold sores.


6. Load Up On Vitamins E and C

Increasing vitamins in our bodies will increase the defense system in our bodies. Vitamin C increases white blood cells that fight diseases. Vitamin E reduces the pain and the irritation feeling. Application of these vitamins can be through oral supplements. In addition, food rich in these vitamins should be taken.


7. Taking Ice Cubes

The ice cubes are very cold substances. When placed over affected areas, they can help numb the pains. Dry the area after applying the ice. The applying some jelly to these affected areas will help keeps in keeping bacteria away and lessens the skin surface.


8. Wear Sunscreen-Even On Your Lips

Keeping lips dry can contribute to this infection outbreak. Therefore, when out on hot weather, apply some sunscreen to your face, and lip balm to the lips. These helps maintain your skin texture.


9. Wash It All Away

You should do everything to minimize its spread. Avoid touches such affected areas. Throw away equipment you use in cleaning these areas. Wash hands every time you clean your cold sores.


10. See A Doctor

Though it may seem plausible to an outsider, some people fail to report their condition to a doctor because of embarrassment.


Dos and Don’ts


  • Eat food that’s rich in Lysine.

Such food includes dairy products, nuts, eggs, potatoes, legumes, and meat including pork, red meat and poultry.

  • Use a separate towel and face cloth.

This will help one avoid the spread of the infection to other body parts.

  • Use an anaesthetic ointment to numb.

This will help cool down the pain the affected areas.

  • Take painkillers.

Painkillers will help reduce pain at the cold sores.

  • Get lots of rest.

A lot of rest will enable such inactive viruses dormant. Enough sleep will help one cool down triggers.


  • Eat foods rich in Arginine.

Such foods will help spread the virus in the body. They include cola, chocolate, beer among others.

  • Eat salty acidic food.

Such food substances give the virus good grounds to multiply.

  • Direct contact

Avoiding direct contact such as kissing and oral sex will help reduce its spread. This threat does tend to make tubev professionals more at risk of developing oral herpes.

  • Get it wet

Affected areas are very fragile. Always keep such areas dry.

  • Wear make up

Using make-ups on affected areas will increase their infections.


In conclusion, oral herpes can be very dangerous infections if not well treated. Consider practicing all the health actions to avoid their spread.

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