10 Ways to Get Rid Of Herpes in Mouth

Herpes in mouth also known as oral herpes, fever blisters or cold sores are caused by infection of herpes simplex viruses. Small eruptions and painful blisters as well as swollen glands in and around the mouth, lips and gums along with unwell feeling are the initial characteristics of this contagious skin infection. You can reduce or delay the effect of cold sores or herpes of the mouth just by applying ice on the spots where it itches or tingles for the first time.

The herpes inside mouth can led to bacterial infection if you scratch the crust developed after breaking up of the blisters otherwise it can disappear gradually. Some effective home remedies to get rid of herpes in mouth are briefly described here under for your consideration.

Over-The-Counter Medications

You can make herpes in mouth tolerable to great extent by using over-the-counter medications available in the market. These products can also relieve the symptoms of these oral herpes along with shortening their life. You can use these products until you visit your doctor as a first aid to the patient especially in odd hours.

1. Petroleum Jelly

You can also dab some petroleum jelly on the herpes of the mouth to experience a soothing affect. In fact cold sores are much uncomforting for many people. Application of petroleum jelly based Vaseline on these cold sores can relieve this discomfort to some extent.

2. Natural and Herbal Remedies

The effect of herpes inside mouth can also be soothed by using some herbal remedies like chapped lipstick containing lemon herbal balm etc. which can close as well as sooth them. You can find a number of herbal remedies for this purpose at your nearby health care store. These herbal remedies can also restrict greatly the reappearance of this skin problem. Another natural remedy is Olive Leaf Extract, this is a popular treatment that contains a natural soothing agent, it can help with not only oral herpes but genital herpes too as it.

3. Aloe Vera

A thin sap of aloe Vera plant is normally used on sunburns, minor cuts and various other skin problems due to its healing properties. You can also speed up the healing process of herpes in mouth by applying a bit of aloe Vera on the affected spots inside your mouth. You can improve its soothing affect on your oral herpes by keeping it chilled in your refrigerator.

get rid of herpes in mouth

4. Eating Healthy Diet

When emotional or physical stress is one of the reasons of herpes of the mouth then it becomes necessary to enable your body to fight them out. It can be done effectively by sticking to a healthy diet plan including vegetables and fruits throughout the year. In order to get all the nutrients you can also opt to take multivitamin supplements along with relying on balanced diet.

5. Zinc Oxide

The life saving white cream which you use on the diaper rashes of your baby can also be effective to treat herpes inside mouth. You can speed up recovery from these cold sores by applying zinc oxide cream on them regularly every day as it will also check the aggravation caused by infection. They also help in reducing discomfort on the affected area by numbing it with the help of a light antiseptic, lidocaine, present in these skin gels and creams. You can also get injectable lidocaine, though it is best administered by your doctor.

6. Change Your Toothbrush

The effect of the attack of herpes in mouth can also be reduced to great extent by changing your toothbrush as it can retain the viruses causing severe infection frequently. You can consult your health care provider in this regard if you frequently experience cold sores.

7. Protection From The Sun

The recurrence of herpes of the mouth can be prevented by protecting your lips from direct sun rays by applying sunscreen on them. You can choose a lipstick containing sunscreen or a sunscreen with 15 or higher SPF as they are especially designed for this purpose.

8. Avoid Triggers

The herpes inside mouth can also be controlled by avoiding the use of products that can trigger the problem. Infection, colds and flu, fever, stress, UV radiation, changes in immune system, fatigue, food allergies, trauma, dental work or menstruation are some of the reasons that can trigger cold sores. You can avoid them by practicing the techniques that can control stress like meditation, exercises, reading or yoga etc. You can also avoid eating salty and acidic foods like citrus fruits or potato chips etc. as they can increase irritation and pain in your oral herpes.

9. Ice packs

You can effectively reduce the time of existence of herpes in mouth if you ice it when it appears for the first time. Though the use of cold compresses and ice packs can relieve you problem temporarily but it can relieve your irritation and pain unless you get a permanent solution.

10. Milk

Instead of drinking milk you can apply it on the herpes of the mouth with the help of a cotton ball to relieve pain and irritation in them. You can prevent the occurrence of cold sores if you keep cold milk in your mouth when you start feeling tingling before surfacing of the oral herpes. It will start healing process even before the beginning of the problem.

Dos and don’ts for getting rid of oral herpes


  • Keep yourself clean. You should wash your hands and face thoroughly by using mild soap every time after treating or touching your herpes inside mouth.
  • Cover up the oral herpes with cosmetic concealing sticks to block their direct exposure to sun rays effectively.
  • Cold sores are not long lasting so go on living your life positively.
  • Ask your pharmacist before using anything on your herpes in mouth for advice as it is better to check beforehand rather than worsening the things.
  • Apply cold sore cream with antiviral ingredients to prevent the recurrence of the infection.
  • Keep your herpes of the mouth moisturised to soothe their irritation and pain.


  • Don’t use your saliva to moisten the lenses of your spectacles while cleaning them.
  • Don’t share the cosmetic concealing stick used on your cold sores with others.
  • Don’t reuse the used cosmetic sticks after the oral herpes’ have gone.
  • Thus by following the tips provided in this write-up you can easily get rid of your herpes inside mouth.
10 Ways To Get Rid Of Oral Herpes

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