6 Ways To Fight The Facial Wrinkles

As a middle aged or elderly person you want someone to perceive you as distinguished or wise because of your advice or your ability to handle problems, but more often than not it is your facial appearance that leads to someone identifying you as “old.”

There is nothing that you do specifically that causes wrinkles to form around your mouth. The wrinkles form as a result of your skin going through its natural aging process. At this point, you may be saying something along the lines of “Okay. It not my fault, but how do I get rid of the annoying wrinkles around my mouth?”

1. The Power Of Antioxidants

Wrinkles around the mouth come from free radicals and sun damage, which are both taken care of by the use of antioxidants. They decrease the free radicals while also enhancing sunscreen’s ability to protect your skin. The questions are ‘What antioxidants are best?” and “How are they used to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth?” The antioxidants that work the best come from vitamin E, vitamin C, retinol (vitamin A), green tea, and grape seed extract. Retinal, grape seed extract, and vitamin E can also be purchased and rubbed directly on the skin. Green tea and vitamin C can be purchased and consumed in liquid form. In order to eliminate the wrinkles around your mouth use one or more of these products every day.

2. Exercise Your Face

It may sound a little odd, but facial exercises are a big part of getting rid of those wrinkles around your mouth. They tighten the muscles in your face so the elasticity is brought back to normal. The routine consists of opening your mouth as wide as you can, holding it for 2-3 seconds, and then puckering your lips. This routine should last roughly 15 minutes and be repeated 20 times a day. You may not have enough time to exercise your face that much so do it as much as can during your day. Additionally, you can do the facial exercises more than recommended to strength the facial muscles at a faster pace.

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3. The Enemies (Sun And Carcinogens)

Too much direct exposure to the sun causes the skin around the mouth to developed more free radicals. Too much sun also causes the skin to be stripped of its natural antioxidants. Both of these contribute to the wrinkles around your mouth. The easy fix to those two problems is to wear sunscreen and to avoid long periods of time in direct contact with the sun. The other problem is smoking. Smoking causes the collagen and elastin in the face to deteriorate, which produces wrinkles around your mouth. The way to fix this is to either not be around second smoke for long periods fo time or avoid smoking as much as possible.

4. Over The Counter Products

The marketing companies want you to believe that you need extra special products that cost a ton of money, which is completely false. You can go to your local drug store and simply find the products with key ingredients that eliminate wrinkles around your mouth. Flip the ingredients label over and look for licorice, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, plant extract, ceramides, and salicylic acid. Pay no attention to the fancy wording or the price of the product until you have already spotted one of the above ingredients. Once you have narrowed down to products that contain those ingredients then you can find the one that is cheapest or appeals to you the most.

5. Seeking Out A Professional (A Dermatologist)

If your wrinkles are still around after the first 4 steps then you need to get the advice of a dermatologist. A dermatologist dedicates a minimum of ten years to the study of skin, hair, and nails, which makes them experts when it comes to wrinkles around the mouth. To get help from a dermatologist you don’t even need to leave your house-you can ask a medical question to a professional online at somewhere like doctorspring.com/online-dermatologist. Of course, you cannot be treated online, but it can help you find out if you should find treatment somewhere A dermatologist will assess your specific situation and prescribe special treatments, such as botox injections. Botox injection is the most common method used by dermatologists because when it is injected the ingredients in it dramatically alter the muscles in your face, which alleviates wrinkles. Dermatologists go through Botox Training to make sure that they do the right job when applying Botox to patients.

6. The Face Lift Or “Facial Rejuvenation”

The last option to get rid of those wrinkles around your mouth is a face lift. This is a medical procedure that gets rid of excess skin. The procedure gets rid of the extra skin and tightens your pre-existing skin. This tightening restores the elasticity in your face, which cures the wrinkles around your mouth. This is why it is referred to more commonly as a “facial rejuvination.”

The Breakdown (Pros And Cons):

The first four steps only allow a person to better their health. The antixoidants increase your overall health and so does avoiding smoke. Additionally, using suncreen and avoiding the sun for long periods of time allows the chances of getting skin cancer to dramatically decrease. The cons come from steps 5 and 6. They both cost money and can potentially cause problems. The treatments are used so frequently that there are very few problems, but is is importnat to be aware of the side effects.

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