10 Ways to Get Rid Of Bad Dog Breath Fast and Naturally

We all love dogs and so do love to cuddle with them. But if we feel bad breathe from them, the cuddling experience gets stinky. Bad breath in dogs is really a common problem and happens due to odor making bacteria inside their gut and mouth area. A dental trouble to gum and tartar disease can also create bad breath. There are many health issues that plague different breeds of dogs and could be a sign of further health issues. For example, bad breath could signal Havanese health issues that might require a visit to the vet.

Sometimes it indicates some major medical problems for your adored pets, which is why taking them to visit an animal hospital may be a step worth taking to prevent further health issues. Bad breath or halitosis is curable and require some natural ingredients. We discussed about top 10 ways to get rid of bad dog breath below. If you own a dog then this might be a “must see” for you.

1. Brush Their Teeth Every Single Day

It is the most significant part to perform if you really want to get rid of bad breath from your dog. Brush their teeth on a daily basis. Pet owners have emphasised how important it is to keep on top of your dogs oral hygiene, unlike us dogs don’t have their own oral specialist in the form of a dentist and oral procedures can be costly for many pet owners. Buy the pet formulated pastes from the market and use them in the brushing time. Always put a focus on the upper teeth as they tend to build up plaque first. Give his tongue a wash with brushing.

2. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most beneficial elements in eradicating bad breath from your canine. It is termed as the super food and all you need to do is to take half a tea spoon unripe apple cider vinegar juice and then require mixing it with water bowl of your dog. You will soon see the results and you will be satisfied as well. It has other health advantages which will help your dog stay fit and healthy all the time.

3. Make Use Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps in the immune and digestive system of a body and it helps the same way for all the dogs. But a dog can get the most profitable reward from coconut oil and that is getting rid of bad breath. You require taking 1 tea spoon of coconut oil and blend it well with the foods of your pet. He or she will surely love the sweet taste. You can also brush their teeth with coconut oil and the bad breath from their mouth won’t bother you anymore.

get rid of dog bad breath

4. Carrots Are A Great Choice

Carrots can be like a chewing toy for your adored pooch. If you give your dog a whole carrot, he will love to chew it. It not only provides him some fun but also help him to stimulate saliva into their body. This process will clean off the food particles from the inside of the mouth and will prevent plaque from attacking. If these mentioned problems get solved then your dog will never face the bad breath problem anymore. To get the best result repeat this everyday for at least one year of time.

5. Lemon Can Cure Anything

Lemon can heal many diseases and health troubles and lemon juice is equally beneficial in eradicating bad breath problem from your dog’s mouth. All you require doing is to take 2 table spoon of fresh lemon juice and need to mix well with his drinking water. It will cleanse the inside portion of his mouth. But don’t use it excessively as dogs don’t prefer the lemon smell at all.

6. Get Help From Parsley Leaves

Parsley leaves can work like a mint freshener for your dog. Take some fresh parsley leaves and keep it for boiling in warm water. Remove the stalks after boiling. It will look like a parsley tea. Keep it in the freezer for exact 2 minutes. When it comes to its usual temperature, make your dog imbibe this. It will work behalf of a mouth wash and leave your dog without any bad breath problem.

7. Choosing The Right Foods Are Must

If you really wish to remove bad breath from your canine then you need to change his food habit. Corny foods can always a wet food and it makes the chance of having bad breath higher. You can offer him some kibble instead of any whole grain or corn food stuffs. He might not like this for the first time. So you can try to mix canned and dry foods together. But gradually switch over to dry foods for the betterment of your adored puppy.

8. Brown Rice Is Also A Solution

Brown rice is always a great choice in eliminating bad breath from your dog’s mouth. Brown rice holds no grains and it will ease the probability of having bad breath once again. Slightly cook brown rice for a while and mix them with your pooch’s daily food. He will eat it and will be free from any stinky breath trouble.

9. Yoghurt Is Another Helping Option

Yoghurt is known for holding lactobacillus as its primary element and this can eliminate odour producing germs and bacteria. So take one cup of unprocessed yoghurt and mix it with some unripe veggies. Make your dog eat the whole stuff and this process will offer him getting rid of bad breath problem. Follow this method for at least 5 weeks of time to get the desired result.

10. Probiotics Can Help

Probiotics can sure give you utter satisfaction when you observe its power in eliminating bad breath from your dog’s mouth area. Mix probiotics tablets with either your pooch’s food or drink. You can also make use of digestive enzyme. These both products will offer your dog a whole new fresh breath as quickly as possible. But this is the last option to try because nothing is better than the natural ones.

Other Quick Tips To Follow:

  • If you follow these above mentioned simple rules then your dog might never face bad breath problem in near future.
  • If you feel slightest of bad breath inside your dog’s mouth then take him to a veterinary.
  • Clean the teeth well before going to the vet.
  • Never use human formulated toothpaste for your dog as this can proved to be harmful for them. Always buy dog formulated pastes from the nearest drug store and give your dog brushing with that particular paste every day.
  • Purchase some chewable toys for him so that plaque could not be able to attack him.
  • Always provide them germ and bacteria free foods.
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