10 Ways To Stop Diarrhea In Babies

The stool of a new born differs according to his or her food intake. Some gets acquainted with the breast milk while some gets cling to the formula milk. As a result, his or her discharge color also changes pertaining to that. Mostly the baby’s discharge is much softer in comparison to an adult.

But definitely it becomes alarming when the liquid content in the poop is unusually higher than expected. Simultaneously if the number of times also increases. Then surely your baby has succumbed to diarrhea. Time to speed up and nail on some home remedies to stop diarrhea in babies.

Take a thorough look through the below pointers to get an idea how to cure the babies with diarrhea.


1. Ginger

Quite astonishingly ginger serves as an ideal item for baby has diarrhea. A known fact that ginger serves the best to heal any kind of indigestion. Therefore, you can safely add ginger along with honey, cumin powder. And make a fine paste, simply scoop a bit and feed the babies with diarrhea. Make sure to feed them for two to three times a day to get a better result.


2. White Grape Juice


For babies with diarrhea can also be fed with white grape juice. Mostly diarrhea in infants becomes worse as they tend to hamper the fluid content in the body. But electrolyte combination in this juice turns out the best. As it helps to gain the lost water in the body. Additionally supplements the body with adequate minerals and vitamins as well.


3. Apple Cedar Vinegar With Yogurt


As a known fact that presence of harmful bacteria causes diarrhea. Now treating baby has diarrhea with this turns quite useful because of its anti bacterial property. Make sure to feed this for two times a day. Surely will get a soothing relief because of the pectin present in it. As it helps to ease the condition.

diarrhea In babies

4. Fenugreek Seeds Or Methi


An age old remedy to treat babies with diarrhea. The fenugreek seeds is known for its cooling effect. In addition to this, the mucilage present in the fenugreek works hard to end diarrhea. Obviously you can treat your little one with this remedy if he or she suffers from chronic diarrhea.


5. Papaya And Pomgrenate Juice


To treat green diarrhea baby, you can also give papaya . Simply steam the papaya for ten to fifteen minutes. Then you have to filter the papaya from the separated water. Make sure to serve the babied at least two times a day. Additionally you can also add some bit of pomegranate juice to cool the burning sensation in the intestine. Not only that it also plays an important role in balancing the hydration level as well.


6. Blueberries


Blueberries definitely is a favorite fruit for many. But surely this antibacterial and anti-oxidant rich fruit is quite capable to fight green diarrhea baby. In addition to this, the anthocyanocides present in the blueberries surely acts actively to end the causes leading to diarrhea. Moreover, it also contains high level of soluble form of fiber, which again is quite vital to reduce the diarrhea causing factors. Although chewing is not possible for babied that is why you can feed them with any liquid.


7. White Rice Juice


Nothing works miraculously than white rice. For a green diarrhea baby, simply prepare the white rice, smash it nicely extract the white juice and feed him or her to get immediate relief from diarrhea.


8.Sugar And Aniseed


This again acts perfectly to cure green diarrhea baby. You need to mix these two in equal amounts so that the ratio remains the same. Do not forget to keep the mixture in your baby’s mouth at an equal interval.


9. Boiled Apple


Take one apple , steam it for a couple of minutes. Then smash it to get the juice out from there. Simply add a pinch of sugar and mix it finely. Then feed your baby. You will get to see the result within few minutes only.


10. Yogurt


Really unknown to many, that yogurt can serve undoubtedly the best to cure baby has diarrhea. Note worthy to mention that among all it is one of the proven dairy food which helps to check the acute diarrhea and gives a soothing relief to the digestive tract.
Note down some do’s and dont’s that you need to take care for yellow diarrhea baby or green diarrhea.


Some Dos to avoid diarrhea in babies:

  • Just call the doctor , if the baby suffers from high fever and also feels pain in the stomach.
  • Medical help is a must when the stool contains tinges of black, red or white marks. Along with that if he or she does not respond properly or vomits frequently.
  • Instant medical treatment is necessary if along with the yellow diarrhea baby also suffers from seldom peeing.
  • Go to the physician if the baby gets uneasy. And if he or she suffers from mouth dryness. Additionally rang the child specialist if he or she does not cry properly.
  • One more thing if the problem is mild , then you can treat the yellow diarrhea baby at home with a simple BRAT formula. This includes essential fruits and whole grains which binds the bowel problem.

Some Dont’s to avoid the problem like yellow diarrhea baby:

  • First thing you should avoid any kind of fruits that actually accentuate the problem like constipation. Make sure to avoid any fruit juices like peaches, plum , prunes and pears.
  • Moreover, parents should also mark that foods labeled as high fiber foods should also be avoided at any cost.
  • One more thing during the diarrhea days, just dont add any dairy product to his or her routine. Nevertheless you can add curd, but get a confirmation from the child specialist.


Remember for a healthy baby means you have to take additional care. It might happen that he or she would suffer from stomach problem. But do not get confused try these home remedies in case if the problem is mild. But in case of severity, make sure to visit the doctor.

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