10 Simple Remedies To Get Rid Of Nausea Fast And Naturally

Nausea is an uneasy feeling of sickness with a persistent urge to vomit. Sometimes the feeling is accompanied by dizziness. Most of us are all too familiar with this miserable feeling and a few tips on how to get rid of the symptoms fast could go a long way. With symptoms like these, it comes as no surprise that anyone would look to use live resin as a way of managing these symptoms a lot more effectively. Everyone has their own ways when it comes to dealing with something like nausea. From only drinking cold drinks, avoid solid food, to eating smaller portions and consuming product like black diamond marijuana strain, there are so many ways that you can hopefully get rid of these nauseous feelings. However, if you’re going to use marijuana as an effective way to relieve nausea, make sure you use it safely. Always make sure it is legal in the country you’re living in, and make sure you use the right products to smoke it with. If you can’t afford a proper bong, pipe, or other products, you might benefit from taking a look at fat buddhas guide to making a homepade pipe. This will ensure you consume marijuana safely and properly.

It would help however, if we started by knowing the root of the problem, i.e the causes of nausea. You could be hungry, dehydrated, suffering from morning sickness, motion sickness or a reaction to some medicine side effects. No matter your cause for nausea, lets discuss some pretty amazing but simple ways on how to get rid of nausea.

1.) Start By Sitting Down, Kick Your Feet Up

This simple act has a way of increasing blood circulation to your brain, improving balance. If you have ever asked yourself what causes nausea, well, lack of proper circulation is one of the key leads to queasy feelings of dizziness. When you find yourself feeling nauseous, find a dark quiet room, lie flat on your back and bend your knees. Make sure you breathe well. If you cannot access an isolated room, sit with your back straight up against a wall, pull your knees up, then fit your head in between. It is important to make sure that the place has ample supply of oxygen.

2.) Smell It Out With A Bit Of Citrus

Lemon has a fast way of dealing with nausea. You need to cut up a lemon, then make sure you inhale its sweet scent fully, to acquire the soothing effect. Another way is by making some lemon weak tea and then slowly sipping on it. This method works great especially for morning sickness or a hangover-caused nausea after drinking. Try sucking lemon or lime pieces if you cannot last long enough to make yourself some tea.

3.) Calm Down, Its Not That Serious

Nausea caused by anxiety is one of the most common there is. The problem is that the more you think about it, the more serious it becomes. So you need to calm down and allow your system to settle. When you are in the midst of a crowd and you feel yourself being nauseated, you need to start by breathing heavily, and concentrate fully on breathing. Master the fear, and you will combat the nausea that comes with it.

4.) Put Some Science Into It

There is a special nausea relieving tactic where you apply pressure to certain points of your body. Its called acupressure. These pressure points will release some endorphins to balance out the chemicals in the body that may be causing you to feel sick. Gently apply pressure using two fingers at the top of the crease in your wrist. Alternatively, you could use your thumb and index finger to firmly press on the sides of your wrist for a few seconds while breathing deeply.

5.) Use The Healing Properties Of Ginger

10 ways to get rid of nausea

It is without a doubt the most powerful anti nausea agent there is, therefore if you are prone to constant bouts of nausea, you might want to keep some fresh ginger root in the kitchen for these little emergencies. Ginger has a way of promoting the secretion of enzymes in the stomach to neutralize stomach acids, therefore perfect for remedying nausea after eating. Make a delicious cup of ginger by cutting it into small pieces then crushing it to get out the juices. Add it into simmering water, then pour into a cup. You could add some honey to taste. One of the most preferred brews is ginger ale, where you add a bit of lemon, some club soda and ice cubes. The taste is amazing, with some great healing properties for your nausea.

6.) Ease It Out With A Few Stretches

Among the contributing factors of what causes nausea, is discomfort in your back or neck. Try some exercises that stretch out your back and neck to ease the queasiness that brings about feelings of nausea. You could lie back and do a few stretches for your back, or tilt your neck in all angles and holding the position for a few seconds. Note that rolling your neck in circular motions may not be the best solution. You could end up straining a muscle. Just do some forward and sideways tilts

7.) Let It Out

When you cannot suppress the urge it is better to let it out. Those who have suffered from nausea after drinking know what am talking about! After you have vomited the contents of your gut your system automatically cools down. Letting go has a way of cleansing your stomach especially in cases of food poisoning. Once the feeling goes away you could try to eat again (slowly) to fill the void.

8.) Cool It

Applying some ice on the back of your neck and relaxing will tremendously cool down the queasiness and feelings of nausea. However, make sure it is not shocking cold!

9.) Go Bland

Opting to eat meals with a bland taste such as crackers, bananas, rice or warm milk can help a lot in bringing down nausea. If your nausea has been brought about by hunger, eating fried foods will only aggravate it even more. So go for the bland, easy to digest foods and nurse your way back to strength and away from nausea.

10.) Air Is Your Friend-Always!

Going out and getting a fresh supply of air is as refreshing as it sounds. When you are in the middle of people you may feel like you are not getting enough air, leading to feelings of nausea. You might also suffer from nausea after eating. A quick remedy is to step outside and allow the wind to blow in your face, or just a place with enough space to enable you to heavily breathe on a lot of air. The nausea is bound to immediately go away.
There is just so much we can do in the event of a nausea attack. Whether it is you, or somebody you know, you are now armed with workable ways to help get rid of the nausea fast and easy.

Remember to:

  • Stay hydrated.
    Eat in small amounts.
    Drink only the beverages that calm your stomach.

You must also remember to avoid things that will worsen your situation.

  • Avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee.
    Avoid spicy or fried foods such as fries

If the nausea persists even after taking some action to get rid of it, you might consider seeing your physician. But hoping your condition is not a very serious one, practice these proven techniques to smile yourself through a perfectly healthy day, without the discomforts of nausea.

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