10 Ways to Get Rid Of Bunions On Foot Fast and Naturally

Bunions are nothing but a little bump which occurs at the foot area of the big toe. Most frequently, the malformation figures as you large toe thrusts alongside the toe subsequent to this and forces the combined body parts out of position. This particular situation also reasons the joint of the large toe to obtain higher space and start to create difficulties. Luckily, if you are suffering from this condition then Footwear 4 Workers have a good guide on what the best shoes are to lower the pain caused by walking. You could also think about looking into some good compression socks to help with any pain that is causing you to suffer from bunions or other foot-related issues like Plantar Fasciitis. They have a myriad of these types of socks online at SockWell USA for people to check out and see if they can find the right ones to help them.

When the joint area gets enlarged, one feels trouble in walking and can cause tremendous pain, which is where the assistance of professionals such as Orthopedic Surgeons in Dallas (if you live in this area of Texas) could come in handy. This way, you’ll be able to get rid of your bunions and alleviate any pain you once had. That is the reason why we presented top 10 tips to get rid of bunions on foot. All these processes are too easy to carry out at home and don’t require any extra money or hard work. If want to know about this then go through this article below.

1. Exercise

Foot exercises are proven to be the best ever solution to get rid of bunions from legs. If one indulges himself in daily exercising then the growth of bunions get halted easily. This procedure even works as a prevention method as well. Stretching toes are the most appropriate exercise in healing bunions. All you have to do is to stretch the big toe as much as you can and bring this with the same length of other toes. Hold on like this for 10 seconds and then bend them for the similar time. Perform this flexing and bending every day for twice a day.

2. Turmeric Powder

Bunions are basically an inflammation and nothing is as beneficial as turmeric in healing swelling and inflammation. It contains loads of capsaicin and it helps to lessen the redness and pain of the bunion. The method is really easy as you need to take one glass of water and have to dissolve 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder into this. Gulp down the whole mixture and get your most desired result.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil is very much beneficial in healing bunions from its core. Take a bowl of olive oil and warm it in the oven. Make sure you are using only extra virgin olive oil, not anything else. Then massage the lukewarm oil onto the bunion affected parts. Continue massaging for 15 long minutes. It will assist in major blood circulation and also augments the movement and fluidity of synovial liquid. This faction of the synovial liquid that greases and nurtures the affected area softens the external layers of surplus calcium of the bunion.

bunions on foot

4. Use A Bunion Pad

IF your bunions are in the early stages then this method is going to be really helpful for you. There are bunion pads available in the pharmacy shops. Pay money for a bunch. Apply and cover the pad in the proper direction. It will definitely decrease the pain. Keep it when you wear any shoes as constant rubbing on bunion is not good at all.

5. Leg Soaking

There is basically two ways of soaking legs in the water. The first one is to soak it in a bowl filled with warm water. Soak your feet in the lukewarm water for next thirty minutes. The hotness in the leg will soothe the pain and alleviate the bunion trouble. The next part is to dip your leg on ice packs where you would be given a plastic bag, filled with ices. Apply directly and see the change all by yourself.

6. Castor Oil

Castor oil is filled with anti-inflammatory elements and these ingredients are best in healing bunions from the feet. Take half cup of castor oil and place it in the oven to make it slightly warm. Take a fresh cotton ball and dip this in the warm water. Then dab this juice on the affected bunions. Cover the whole area with a thick towel so that the heat doesn’t get the chance of passing away. The warmth will then stimulate and circulate the blood motion inside the body and all your redness, swelling and soreness would get vanished in no time.

7. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile teas are full of anti-inflammatory agents and bunions are nothing but the inflammation of the bone. If you start to intake chamomile tea on a daily basis, your bunions might get removed and eliminated. Chamomile leaves are completely herbal and this procedure has no such side effects. IT will heal the red swelling, size and redness on the bunions affected portions.

8. Calendula

Calendula is the other ingredient which is also full of anti-inflammatory agents and they are available as ointments at the drug stores. Ointments are the easiest way to apply and they are very affordable yet beneficial in bunions healing process. Apply the ointment directly on the bunions thrice a day and continue this for two long months to get the most desired result.

9. Red Pepper

Red pepper is best known for its capsaicin elements that soothe the pain-causing nerves. Red pepper is very much beneficial to get rid of bunions. Take a fresh red pepper and slice it from the middle. Rub the juice of this on the bunion affected part. Cover it with some petroleum jelly paste and tie this with the bandage. Hope this will solve your problem in some time.

10. Consult Your Doctor

If these above-mentioned processes are not working in your favor and the size of the bunions are still enlarging then it is better to go to doctors than sitting at home and waiting for some miracle. Life is not about taking risks with health. If bunions are giving you pain and you feel a certain discomfort then only the doctors can give you the perfect medications.

Some Other Bunion Prevention Tips In Details:

Bunions are something which grows really slowly so one can get enough time to take precaution against this.

  • High heel shoes are a big NO if you are suffering from bunion troubles.
  • Bunions can be genitival so always have a look on the feet and if you found foot problems in your house, take preventive measures against it.
  • Never wear any tight shoes because a tight shoe doesn’t let the air flow and the most fitting shoes pinch the toes perfectly.
  • Putting off too much undulating inner portion of the bottom.
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