10 Ways to Get Rid Of Anxiety Fast and Naturally

Anxiety can make you restless. There are many people who have been affected by the problem. It can set in due to different reasons. There are also many ways you can use to get rid of anxiety. Even if the condition has affected you for a long period of time, it is possible for you to use natural anxiety relief and move on with your life smoothly.

Anxiety is a long term process hence it will not be eradicated overnight; you need to apply long term remedies which will help you get rid of the problem with time. There are many remedies which can be used hence you should take your time and choose one which will be suitable for you. You may be required to carry out certain exercises or use herbs. If you prefer exercises, then you should look for those which will be easy for you to carry out.

1. Drink Chamomile Tea

You can easily get rid of anxiety without medication by drinking chamomile tea. After you start feeling anxious, you can prepare a cup of chamomile tea and drink it. Chamomile has two chemicals which are very helpful in controlling relaxation. The chemicals include lutelin and apigenin. You can take the tea each day for a period of 8 weeks and it will help you in improving your anxiety disorder. There are many people who have tried the remedy and the results have been great. To get extra results, some add CBD oil to their chamomile tea in a bid to relieve anxiety. The question is- how long does it take for cbd oil to work for anxiety compared to chamomile tea? The website Sabaidee has the answers to any CBD questions you may have, as well as selling many different forms of the oil to provide for everyone.

2. Take 3 Grams Of Omega-3s a Day

Omega 3 fatty acids are rich in adrenaline and cortisol. The stress regulating chemicals in the body can lower your anxiety levels. The chemicals are also very helpful in getting rid of low mood. You can obtain omega 3 fatty acids from consuming fish or just buy supplements sold over the counter. Make sure to be careful though as too many Omega-3 supplements can cause heart problems later in life, be sure to check out Neoteric Nutra Hemp Extract on how CBD oil can stop this! The fatty acids will help your body to naturally adapt itself to fighting anxiety. Other foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids which you can consume include walnuts, salmon, tuna and flax seeds.

3. Breathe In Lavender

Lavender massage is very helpful in lowering systolic pressure. You can go to a massage parlor where they will use lavender oil for you to benefit from the benefits or breathing air or buy essential oils made out of lavender oil. You can use the oil when sleeping. The process is very simple; just drop few drops of lavender oil on your pillow before you sleep. You can as well place few drops of the oil on your hand and breathe. The oil has anxiety fighting properties which will help you get rid of anxiety naturally.

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4. Add L-lysine To Your Diet

L-lysine is among the building blocks of the brain. The amino acid is used in the formation of chemical messengers in the brain referred to as neurotransmitters. If you will form a habit of taking L-lysine supplements, you will greatly reduce the chances of developing anxiety symptoms. You can access the chemical compound in foods such as fish, beans and meat. To speed up the recovery process, you can buy the compound as a natural supplement and use it in your daily diet.

5. Try To Get Outside In Natural Sunlight For 15 Minutes a Day.

Vitamin D can decrease your levels of depression and anxiety. You will naturally increase your levels of vitamin D through busking in the sun. If you live in an urban setting, try to look for parks where you will go for a short walk. Walking in a forest or natural setting will decrease your stress levels hence helping you in getting rid of anxiety naturally.

6. Exercise To Reduce Symptoms Of Anxiety

If you will like to achieve natural anxiety relief, you need to make a habit of exercising. The exercises will make you feel happier. When exercising you will increase your body’s heat production. This will alter neural circuits which control cognitive functions. The exercise will boost your moods which will make you relax as well as alleviating anxiety.

7. Take A Hot Bath With Epsom Salts

A hot bat of Epsom salt will raise your body temperature as well as making you feel calm. This will help regulate mood and anxiety. Epsom salt is rich in magnesium sulfate. The salt is very helpful in calming anxiety as well as lowering blood pressure. You can as well add lavender or vanilla essential oils to your bathwater. The oils have calming scents which will make you get rid of anxiety easily.

8. Cut Out Caffeine

Caffeine boosts your energy which can lead to becoming anxious. You can start by cutting down your intake of caffeine slowly and note the changes in your anxiety levels. You can as well switch to green tea which is packed with lots of health benefits. Other sources of caffeine which may be in your diet which you need to check on include: chocolate, soda, tea and over the counter medication rich in caffeine.

9. Examine your diet and get rid of alcohol and added sugars

Added sugars and alcohol will increase your anxiety levels. You should ensure your diet is rich in magnesium, zinc and vitamin B12. Vitamin B 12 is only found in animal products, if you are a vegetarian, you should watch on your levels of Vitamin B12. You should avoid foods rich in saturated fats and those which are hard to digest because they can make your stomach uncomfortable hence leading to the onset of anxiety.

10. Eat Blueberries And Peaches

Blueberries and peaches are rich in stress relieving effects. They help calm the body hence helping you in getting rid of anxiety attacks. Other foods you should consume include whole grains. This is because they are rich in magnesium and tryptophan which is very helpful in getting rid of anxiety naturally. Oats will help in increasing serotonin production. You can also eat eggs, avocados, milk and meat rich in vitamin B. Dark green leaves like spinach are also very helpful in your process of trying to get rid of anxiety. Foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges will play a great role in controlling anxiety levels.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety Attacks Fast
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