10 Ways to Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes Fast and Naturally

Bags under eyes can make you feel uneasy. You may be trying different beauty products so that you will look beautiful but the bags keep on letting you down. There are many natural remedies which you can try which will ensure you achieve great success in your process of getting rid of bags under eyes.

There are many remedies available which you can apply in your home; you should take time and assess the different home remedies available so that you will decide on one which will work well for your skin.


1) Chilled Tea Bags

If you wake up with bags under the eye, then chilled tea bags can play a great role in your process of getting rid of bags under eyes. You will have to put the bags in hot water so that caffeine can dissolve, after putting in hot water you will then transfer them to a refrigerator so that they will chill. You can use either black tea bags or green tea bags depending on their availability. The application process is very easy; you will just place the bags on your eyes while you are lying down on your back. After leaving the chilled tea bags in position for about 20 minutes, you will wake up with refreshed eyes. The caffeine in tea bags is very helpful in constricting blood vessels under your eyes which will help in reducing swelling and redness.


2) Cucumber

Cucumber is cool hence it will sooth e the eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber will play a great role in reducing the swelling. You will just take sliced pieces of cucumber which have been refrigerated and place them on your eyes which have been affected with bags. The cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties which will play a great role in reducing the swelling. The cucumber pieces should remain on the affected areas for at least 25 minutes for you to achieve relief from the dark cycles.


3) Potato

Potato is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which will play a great role in reducing the swelling of the eye. You will have to refrigerated the potato and slice into small pieces. The small slices will be then placed on closed eyes. After covering the affected areas for about 20 minutes, you will have reduced the puffiness greatly. After 25 minutes you can remove the slices from your eyes and wash your face with cold water.

bags under your eyes

4) Milk

If you are suffering from bags under eye each morning, the milk in your kitchen can play a great role in getting rid of the puffiness under your eyes. You will have to take cotton pads and dip them in milk. After you have dipped the cotton pads in milk, the next step will include covering your affected eyes with the cotton pads for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes you can wash off your eyes with cold water after which you will enjoy normal looking eyes.


5) Almond Oil

The oil moisturizes the skin as well as nourishing it. The vitamins present in the oil are very helpful in nourishing the skin. You can take about 3 drops of almond oil and massage it under your eyes before you go to bed. The oil will soothe the skin and prevent development of bags overnight. Massaging with the oil is very helpful because it aids in blood circulation around the eyes as well as reducing water retention under the eyes. If you wake up and rush to work, you can use this remedy because it will prevent formation of the bags rather than waiting till they form before you can treat them in the morning.


6) Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is very necessary for the skin. Applying vitamin E will keep the skin under eyes healthy. It will also help in preventing swelling under the eyes. You will have to take few drops of vitamin E and mix them with water. The water should be chilled after you have mixed the vitamin with water, dip a cotton pad and soak after which you will place on the affected area. The oil is very effective in getting rid of dark bags under eyes within 20 minutes.


7) Egg White

Egg white has the ability to absorb water hence reducing the puffiness under your eyes. You will have to beat the egg white till it is stiff and apply it around the eyes. The egg whites are very helpful in getting rid of puffiness from your eyes. You can take a smooth brush and apply the egg whites on the affected areas. After 20 minutes the egg whites will improve your face greatly.

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8) Chilled Spoons

Chilled spoons can be used to easily get rid of puffiness under eyes. The method is very simply, just take four spoons and put them in chilled water. The spoons will absorb cold which will constrict the blood vessels after they have been placed on the affected areas. You can use the first pair of spoons for about 5 minutes after which you will change to the next pair. This is necessary so that you will expose the affected area to maximum chill which will constrict blood vessels hence helping you in improving the condition of bags under eyes.


9) Cold Splash

Cold splash is a simple way you can use to remove bags under eyes. The bags are caused by poor circulation of fluid in the face region. You can splash cold water on the eyes or the entire face and it will help in your process of trying to remove bags under eyes.


10) Rose Water

Rose water can offer you great results in your process of getting rid of bags under eyes. You can soak cotton pads in pure rose water and transfer the pads to the affected areas. After leaving them in place for about 15 minutes the rose ingredients in the water will soothe the affected skin hence help in getting rid of the bags.


Other Tips You Can Apply To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes:

  • Reduce your intake of sodium
  • Drink enough water so that you will remove toxins from the body
  • Avoid staying up till late night
  • Avoid bending your head for a long period of time
  • Involve in exercises which improve blood circulation
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