10 Fast & Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Hiccups

The contraction of the diaphragm and voice box leads to hiccups. The air intake is suddenly blocked thereby closing the glottis completely. It is medically termed as Synchronous Diaphragmatic Flutter (SDF).

There is as such no cause behind hiccups, but most people believe that it is due to the minor stomach issues. Actually, these are more to do with one’s psychological state rather than physical. Hiccups rarely occur and also go off within no time. It has been seen that people begin trying all innovative and unique ideas for getting rid of them. There is quite a lot of information present online regarding hiccups like reasons behind their occurrence, complications associated with it, their symptoms and so on. This article particularly gives you access on how to stop hiccups within no time. These are the most common, effective and sophisticated solutions for getting rid of them.


1. Breathe and Swallow to Cure Hiccups Effectively

  • Try breathing as much as you can, without letting out the air. Keep inhaling or swallowing the air till you can and then exhale it in a controlled manner. This helps in resetting your breath.
  • Swallow with the mouth wide open. Do this for a few minutes. In case the need to swallow arises, do it but remember to swallow without closing your mouth. This is called gulping; try this especially when you feel the hiccup might come again. Gulping helps in eradicating this issue within a few minutes.
  • Breathe in and out consistently. You will notice the change within the first 10 cycles of breathing. This will help in getting rid of hiccups easily.
  • Try stretching your diaphragm when breathing. This is the immediate cure for hiccups and will interrupt those hiccups which are disturbing you. Try holding your breath for about 30-40 seconds and then slowly exhale it till you feel emptiness in your lungs.

10 ways to get rid of hiccups

2. Drink in the Right Way & Get Rid of Hiccups

  • Take a glass full of water and start gulping the water with a straw. Use your fingers in plugging the ears when you sip the water. This is best suited for the children and youngsters whereas the adults are expected to repeat this at least two or three times.
  • Pour some sweet on the lemon, and then just simply suck the juice. This gives immediate relief from hiccups.
  • Try drinking water without making use of your hands. Keep the glass of water on the table and you sit on a chair. Now bend forward and drink maximum water you can.
  • Consume half teaspoon of either vinegar or the pickle juice. The taste may not be good but it works wonder when it comes to stopping the hiccups.


3. Food Intake to Recover fast from Hiccups

  • Consume some sugar like one teaspoon would be fine. Honey can also work for treating hiccups. Fill your mouth with sugar and hold for at least 5 seconds before you swallow. Sip some water so that swallowing gets easy.
  • You are free to eat peanut butter, Nutella or almond butter for the hiccups. Consume good quantity of butter and place it in the mouth for about 10 seconds. Now swallow it with the help of your saliva. Do not drink water.
  • Salt also acts as a good source in bringing down or almost eliminating the issue.


4. Move your body a bit & Say bye to Hiccups

  • Keep swallowing the air until you start burping. The air inside would come out as a burp. The nerves would get reset by doing this thus helping you to get rid of hiccups.
  • Cough or scream loudly when you feel the hiccup is just about to come. If required, repeat this for about 4-5 times.
  • Getting tickled is another solution for hiccups. It should be done for about 30-40 seconds. This sudden sensation in the body will cause distractions and hiccups will stop automatically.
  • Involve yourself in some stretching exercises. Deep breathing is advisable along with the exercise.


5. Using Objects to Get Rid Of Hiccups

  • Place a pencil horizontally in between the teeth and then drink water. Let the pencil be there and drink as much as you can.
  • Take a paper bag and breathe in it. With the increased intake of carbon dioxide, the body stops producing hiccups.


6. Improved Concentration End Hiccups Fast

  • Break the toothpick in two and then put one in the glass of water. Now, when you drink water concentrate on that very toothpick so that you don’t swallow. More the concentration level, higher the chance of getting rid of hiccups thereby giving you more comfort and relaxation.
  • You can concentrate on other things like reading books, drafting letter, sending email so that the mind gets involved in things other than thinking about hiccups.


7. Get Distracted by Eating Hot Sauce to Get Rid Of Hiccups

  • Intake of some hot sauce will also help in recovering from hiccups. It is so because the burn and the heat inside the body will cause distraction which is sufficient in turning the body towards the feeling of burn.


8. Chewing the Dill Seeds to Get Rid Of Hiccups

  • Take a teaspoon full of dill seeds. Now chew some and then swallow the lot with the water. This helps in stimulating the nerves and is the best traditional cure for hiccups.


9. Trick the Hiccups by Paper Towel

  • Try to drink water by placing a single sheet of paper on the glass. You need to push yourself a bit for sipping the water. This makes you gets involved in other activity and you forget about hiccups.


10. Wait and It would be Gone to Get Rid Of Hiccups

  • The most inherited way by many is to wait so as to get rid of hiccups. Let them go away naturally. People believe that this issue gets resolved better if it is set free.


Other Essential Tips to Get Rid Of Hiccups:

  • Consult a doctor, in case the natural remedies don’t work.
  • Medicines can also be consumed if you face quite a lot of problem.
  • Be patient and tactful in dealing with this issue because the body takes time to respond to the remedies.
  • Grab information about how to cure hiccups, if you regularly face such concerned issues.
  • Let your family or someone close to you know in case you feel it is not stopping or making you feel disturbed.


Warnings when Treating Hiccups

  • Do not wear tight clothes around your chest else it would not let the problem get resolved. Losses them up, if you are wearing one.
  • Make sure the intake of any item like sugar, salt, butter and so on is not much. Be careful and consume in the suggested quantity.
  • Do not be very casual with hiccups, if prolonged can cause immense damage to the body.
  • Do not just try anything instead take expert or parental guidance when curing hiccups.
  • Avoid eating heavy food items during the hiccups. It won’t let you enjoy food and can cause vomiting also.


To conclude, it is advised to not get worried the next time you face hiccups because of the effective solutions mentioned above. These are simple remedies which a person belonging to any age group can feel free to incorporate. Beware of the things you are not suppose to do in hiccups. Share it with your friends and relatives so that they are also equipped with the essential information. Try any of these remedies and you will not complaint about hiccups anymore!!!

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