10 Ways to Get Rid of Knee Pain Fast

Do you experience knee pain after running or after the slightest of efforts? You can take consolation in the fact that you are not alone. Many people in the world today suffer from the same problem because of different reasons ranging from sickness to poor use of the legs and lack of exercise. So it doesn’t comes as a surprise when anyone who is suffering with knee pains (or any chronic pain for that matter) would opt to use alternatives to benzodiazepines, which can be used as pain relief and anti-depressants.

While the cause of knee pain may be an underlying problem such as arthritis, being overweight, injuries to the knee, abnormalities, poor joint structure and lack of muscle and bone strength are probable causes. The condition can affect people of different ages, gender and social class. The following are 10 approaches to get rid of knee pain fast.

1. Ice Pack

The ice pack is perhaps the most common quick fix for knee pain relief. Place four or five medium sized ice cubes inside a polythene bag. Wrap a towel around the bag and place it directly on the problematic knee. Press the ice pack into the knee for 10 minutes, shifting to different locations. Do not place it on the same spot for too long, as this may cause skin damage.

Alternatively, place a large ice pack around the entire knee and wrap it there for 15 minutes. The ice reduces your pain while soothing the inflamed tissues and ultimately reduces swelling. You may experience an immediate reduction of pain. Otherwise, you will have permanent knee pain relief after repeating the procedure a couple of times a day for several days.

knee pain ice

2. Heat Therapy

Just like the cold therapy from an ice pack, heat therapy calms down the nerves and reduces inflammation of muscle and/or tissues. If you suffer pain in back of knee, prepare a steam therapy using your ordinary bathtub. Sit inside the warm water for 15 or 20 minutes.

While the knee is soaked in water, massage the problematic parts gently. Just like an ice pack therapy, you can also use a hot water bag to press over the knee gently. Repeating the process a couple of times daily will reduce knee pain. If this proves unsuccessful in treating the issue then it might be worth exploring the option of cold laser therapy too.

3. Massage Therapy

Let a massage therapist apply pressure on the inflamed knee by massaging the tissues gently. Lie down on your back and fold the leg slightly so that the knee is elevated. After that, stretch your leg completely until it rests on the surface. Let your helper massage it again, paying more attention to the most painful spots.

The entire massage therapy should last for 15-20 minutes. It should not be so forceful that you experience unbearable pain. For this reason, let the massage therapist know how much pain you can bear. For maximum results, conduct the procedure three times a day for several days. Accentuate it with light stretching.

If you’re looking for massage therapy in your area, look for clinics offering physiotherapy and massages to those with a range of conditions that could benefit from such services. Taking the search online could help you come across websites like this – https://activaclinics.com/locations/brampton-clinic/ – that could get you in contact with the relevant people.

4. Add Special Tea into Your Diet

A preparation of special tea is ideal especially for athletes who experience inner knee pain after running. Mix 2 cups of milk with walnut powder and a teaspoon of crushed almond. Add a pinch of turmeric powder into the solution.

Stir the mixture thoroughly and place it on a cooking pot to boil. Leave the mixture to boil until it evaporates to half its original measure. Within a month of taking this special mixture daily, you will experience relief from knee pain.

5. Wear the Right Shoes

Some people suffer from pain in the knee and other parts of the leg because of wearing the wrong shoes. Do not wear shoes that fit so tightly that they leave marks on your feet. Instead, let there be a slight space so that your feet and toes have freedom and room to flex. More importantly, wear the right type of shoes for the right activity.

6. Lose Unwanted Weight

As mentioned before, being overweight and obese are leading causes of inner knee pain. The extra weight exerts so much pressure on your knee joints that the bones rub against one another. If the pain persists, you may suffer from a more damaging condition known as osteoarthritis.

Talk to a reputable nutritionist about your weight and let them prescribe the right diet. Take more omega 3fatty acids, olive oil, dry fruits, lean meat, nuts, fruits, organic teas and other foods that enhance weight loss.

7. Regular Exercise

Just like a proper diet, observing proper exercise regularly can lead to knee pain relief. Insist on exercises that strengthen your knee muscles such as walking, jogging, running and cycling. Apart from relieving you of pain, exercise also helps you to lose unwanted weight, effectively introducing general body health.

8. Take Hot Showers

Hot showers, just like a bathtub therapy and a hot therapy soothe the ligaments, muscles, tendons and cartilages in the knee. Take hot showers a couple of times in a day for several days. You might experience reduced pain and inflammation within a week or two. More importantly, combine hot showers with hot therapies and massage therapies for increased relief.

9. Occupational Therapy

If your daily duties or employment involves standing for lengthy durations in a day, consider a number of occupational therapy techniques to ease inner knee pain. For example, try working while sitting down to avoid exerting too much pressure in the knee joint.

As you do this, talk to your superiors or employer about your problem. Shift your body weight from the problematic knee to the other healthy one. If you suffer pain in both knees, medical attention may be necessary.

10. Enhance Magnesium In Diet

The lack of magnesium and calcium leads to weakened bones, which consequently causes knee pain. Increase your bone density by embracing magnesium-rich foods. Interestingly, magnesium oil can relieve knee pain when applied topically on the skin.

Insist on foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins. Fruits, vegetables and whole meals are the best food varieties. Turmeric and ginger tea contain antioxidants that fight the underlying cause of knee pain.

Other Ways To Alleviate Knee Pain Fast Include:

  • Keeping the knee in an elevated position, as opposed to having it stretched out.
  • Taking supplements of nutrients such as magnesium and calcium.
  • Reducing the intake of alcohol, as it aids obesity and weakens body.
  • Avoiding smoking, as it weakens body muscles and joint.
  • Embracing an active lifestyle.
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