8 Ways to Get Rid Of Chronic Migraines

Migraines can prevent you from doing anything. The sharp pain from the temples will make you restless with blurred vision. You will not be able to concentrate because the pain will make you close your eyes. The sharp pain can cover the entire face making your vision blurred. You will try to avoid sound, light and even the slightest movements. No wonder why people opt to use alternative products like gorilla glue 2 strain, in the hopes of being able to manage the symptoms of a migraine effectively.

The blurry vision can be followed with nausea which will make your situation worse. The condition affects many people hence there are many remedies like adding pressure to your head, relaxation or even trying out using oxygen cans to help relieve stress have been tried and proved to be very effective in getting rid of the complication.

1. Drink Grape Juice

You can take ripe crapes and blend them at home or just buy grape juice and make a habit of drinking it on a regular basis. You should insist on pure grape juice if you will like to achieve great results out of the drink. Grape juice is a natural pain reliever that will help you in getting rid of the pain which may have been disturbing you for so long. You can add enough water if you have resorted to blending it at home. The juice has active ingredients which are very helpful in helping you get rid of the pain from your face caused by migraines.

2. Eat Nuts

If you are suffering from chronic migraines, you can easily achieve chronic migraine relief through consuming nuts. Nuts act as preventive methods that you can use to avoid development of migraines as well as pain relievers. They will help you get rid of the pain which is associated with migraines. Many varieties of nuts are rich in salicin. Salicin is very helpful in blocking pain. You may be tempted to go for other treatments such as botox for chronic migraine relief. And if this is the route you are seriously considering, as well as helping with your migraines, in the process, it is also helping with your aesthetic too! But, you will discover nuts are also very effective in helping you get rid of migraines naturally. Salicin available in nuts has been used in many over the counter medicines which can be used to treat migraines.

3. Add a Little Pressure

Although during migraines you will feel like your head is undergoing a lot of pressure, you can actually get rid of the migraines through the application of pressure on specific pressure points on your face. After you start feeling the onset of migraines, try to apply pressure on your craniofacial system. By applying pressure on the migraine prone spots, you will make your mind relax hence ease the pain caused by migraines. The application of the pressure makes your brain relax which helps in reducing the amount of pain felt.

get rid of chronic migraines

4. Grab Ginger Root

Ginger has special properties that affect the way the body handles inflammation and pain. Eating gingerroots help in increasing the production of lipids in the body cells. The lipids react to calm the nerves when pain is felt. If you have developed chronic pain, you can rely on ginger roots as a treatment for your problem. The ginger roots will stop your body from responding to the onset of migraines. This in effect helps in eliminating the pain associated with migraines. You will have to chew ginger roots or drink ginger tea and you will achieve great success in your process of trying to get rid of nausea associated with migraines as well as getting rid of the pain.

5. Increase Your Turkey Intake

Turkey meat is rich in tryptophan which is an amino acid that helps in stimulating the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical compound that helps people to feel happy. It also contributes towards the release of serotonin. Serotonin works by relaxing the body, alleviating worry, anxiety, and negativity. As tryptophan aids in the secretion of dopamine, which in turn helps in the secretion of serotonin, the compound contributes towards relaxing the muscles surrounding the temple. It also helps in soothing the capillaries of the scalp which in effect contributes greatly towards getting rid of chronic migraines. Dopamine is always a good chemical to have in your body as it has so many benefits. But don’t worry if you don’t like turkey, you can increase dopamine many other ways like by taking supplements.

6. Massage the Pain Away

Migraine leads to building up pain on your head. You can easily get rid of the pain after you resort to massage. You will prevent the migraines from becoming worse after you learn on how you can apply massage on your temples immediately you feel signs of the formation of migraines. As you massage the area, you will stimulate blood flow around the area. This will lead to the relaxation of the muscles hence helping in the process of trying to get rid of the pain associated with migraines on the face region. You should massage gently to ensure you relax the muscles in the area. It will be easier for you to eradicate the pain or even prevent the migraines from becoming more painful after you massage them as soon as they start developing. You can as well use a warm towel to speed up the flow of blood in the capillaries which will get rid of migraines fast.

7. Try a Different Temperature

You can use either cold massages or heat to relieve the pain. You will be the one who will decide on the most suitable method for you. If you will decide to apply heat on the affected area, you can achieve through the application of a warm bottle of water on the affected area. If you prefer cold, you can apply ice cubes. The cold will numb the area hence helping you in getting rid of the pain. Heat works by increasing blood flow to the area which in effect will lower the inflammation and pain.

8. Drink a Small Amount of Caffeine

A small dose of beverages such as soda and coffee can help in lowering pain caused by chronic migraines. You should avoid too much caffeine because it can lead to the development of pain. Too much caffeine is discouraged because it can cause more headaches. Caffeine in coffee or soda in small amounts will help in numbing the area hence helping you in managing the pain caused by migraines. You can make a habit of drinking small amounts of caffeine on a regular basis so that you will prevent the formation of migraines which can affect your productivity in your workplace.

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