10 Ways to Get Rid Of Excessive Gas Fast

Gas and bloating in stomach are some of the problems commonly experienced by people during their life time. Unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits are the main cause of these stomach problems. Though passing gas can relieve the situation to a great extent but sometimes it becomes unmanageable, discomforting and embarrassing due to excessive gas and bloating.

Sometimes certain foods produce excessive gas after eating them due to improper working of your digestive system. Various types of remedies are used to treat the problem of excessive burping and gas. Some of the commonly used treatments to get rid of excessive gas fast are briefly discussed here under to help you in this regard.

1. Increase Fluid Intake

You can treat your problems of excessive gas and bloating by drinking plenty of fluids if the problem is due to inefficient digestion. Your undigested food moves out of your colon and digestive system when lots of fluid is taken. If you are experiencing excessive burping and gas due to eating fibre rich food then the accumulation of gas causing undigested parts of the food in your colon can be prevented by drinking plenty of water.


2. Drink Hot Fluids Excessively

The problem of excessive gas after eating food can also be reduced by increasing the consumption of hot fluids as it will help in passing out the gas from your system. You can reduce the accumulation of gas in your stomach by drinking hot beverages like tea or coffee. In order to support your digestive system you can also opt for drinking hot herbal tea.


3. Lie Down

If the excessive gas and bloating in your stomach is discomforting you then you can reduce your problem just by lying down with your head elevated. You should remain in this position for some time until you start feeling comfortable. You can also reduce your gastric problem by lying down in a helpful position. Various types of lying positions are recommended to reduce the possibilities of gas attacks.

get rid of excessive gas

4. Take Up Position To Relieve Gas

if you are suffering from excessive gas after eating some food then you should adjust your body in a suitable position so that it can help in eliminating the gas to make you comfortable. Though there are many positions which can make you comfortable in such situation but commonly used positions include:

You can easily pass out gas from your system by kneeling on the head while keeping your bums in the air as it is an ideal position for this purpose

You can also force the gas out of your system by breathing in and out while lying down and pressing the legs against stomach. But your stomach should be empty if you are trying to push out gas from it forcefully.

Pregnant women can lie down on their side to reduce their gastric problem if they are suffering from excessive bloating and gas. They should keep their head elevated in comparison to their head to control the situation more effectively.


5. Less Consumption Of Carbonated Drinks

The excessive consumption of carbonated drinks can cause excessive gas and bloating along with discomfort due to increase in the accumulation of the gas. The excessive intake of such beverages can also increase the possibilities of pain in chest.


6. Include Spices And Herbs In Your Food

The problem of excessive burping and gas can be reduced considerably by including certain ingredients while cooking food. Mustard is considered to be one of the most effective food ingredients which can relieve the symptoms of in the abdomen. You can prevent the building up of gas in your stomach by adding this simple ingredient in a number of food dishes in routine.


7. Increase The Intake Of Certain Spices

Turmeric, cardamom and cumin are some of the Indian spices which you can also use while cooking to stop the production of excessive gas and bloating after eating the food. If you are suffering from gas due to indigestion then you increase the intake of ginger along with your food. You can also chew the root of ginger and swallow its juice to work on your digestive system to reduce gas production.

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8. Increase The Consumption Of Fruits

If you are suffering from the problem of excessive gas after eating vegetables then you can add certain fruits to your vegetarian food so that is can help in digesting it along with reducing the production of gas. You can add certain citrus fruits like lemon in your vegetables or drink lemon juice to reduce the chances of gas attacks. The problem of bloating can also be reduced by consuming papaya.


9. Consume Baking Soda

The problem of excessive burping and gas in the stomach can also be reduced by consuming baking soda in various forms as it can help in improving your digestion system. You can drink a cup of hot water mixed with a spoonful of baking soda to reduce the symptoms of gas and burping repeatedly.


10. Increase Workout

In order to avoid the building up of excessive gas and bloating you should do exercises at least for 30 minutes every day. These exercises will not only reduce your problems related to gas and bloating but also keep you physically fit and active. The more you workout, then less you face the gas problem. In fact, you could avoid the gas problem completely with workout without taking any medicine.

Dos and don’ts

  • In order to get rid of the problem of excessive gas you should follow the dos and don’ts given here under.
  • Do increase the intake of fluids, hot or cold.
  • Do lie down in suitable position.
  • Do not keep your head in level with your feet while lying down to reduce gas and bloating.
  • Do not drink carbonated drinks excessively.
  • Do include spices and herbs in your food, while cooking it.
  • Do exercises to adopt active lifestyle.
  • Do use baking soda to improve your digestive system.
  • Do consume the fruits that can help in digesting gas causing vegetables.
  • Thus by following the tips provided in this write-up you can easily get rid of the problems of excessive gas and bloating very fast.
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