10 Ways To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles

As a society that holds youth in such high regard, it’s no wonder most of us would rather do without aging. When fine lines begin to appear on our faces, it causes a bit of panic. But you shouldn’t worry. Aging is a natural process and the best we can hope for is doing it gracefully by taking the right preventative steps.

But what if you’re noticing wrinkles when you don’t think you should be? Sometimes other variables come into play that can have the same effect. Things like exposure to the sun and stress can all cause wrinkles, but luckily, there are many ways, like going to The Dermatology and Laser Group, to reduce the look or get rid of wrinkles completely.

1. Moisturize

If you’re not moisturizing your face everyday, you’re doing your skin a disservice. Moisture in the skin is what keeps it looking healthy and plump for that youthful, dewy glow, but it’s ever-fleeting in this day and age. From over-exposure to the sun, pollution in the air, hot showers and poor diets, your skin almost doesn’t stand a chance without a proper moisturizer. Luckily, there are many moisturizers on the market that will do just the trick and contrary to what commercials will tell you, they don’t have to be expensive. Applying a light moisturizer all over the face, focusing on the areas where you notice wrinkles most, like your forehead, can help seal in moisturize and prevent the hot water of a shower from drying it out further.

2. Manually Exfoliate

When wrinkles on the forehead begin to show, it may be a sign that you need to think about exfoliation. Skin has a natural processes in which layers of dead skin cells die off so new ones can be generated. In healthy skin, the old layer should slough off easily, but if your skin is dry and malnourished, it can build up and cause wrinkles to appear. A gentle exfoliant will help get rid of this dead layer so that healthy skin underneath can shine through. This processes essentially levels out wrinkles and reduces their appearance drastically, leaving your skin soft and smooth to the touch. Facial exfoliants are available at pharmacies and drugstores, but you can even use some ingredients you have at home, like baking soda, to make a paste that will do just the same.

3. Chemically Exfoliate

If exfoliating pastes and scrubs aren’t your thing or you find they’re too harsh on your sensitive skin, you may benefit from the use of a chemical exfoliant. Chemical exfoliants, like scrubs, help to remove the top layer of dead skin cells to promote healthy skin regeneration. The chemical approach, however, works on a deeper level to remove even more dead skin cells, cleaning right to the pore. Just be aware that you always need to have a chemical peel administered by a qualified professional like a dermatologist at Park Avenue Skin Care, as there are strong active ingredients that can damage the skin if not applied correctly. Two types dominate the market and both have their place. BHA, or beta-hydroxy acids, and AHA, alpha-hydroxy acids, can be applied to the skin and left on for the recommended length before washing off. With regular use, your skin will appear noticeably smoother.

wrinkles on forehead

4. Massage

For centuries, massage has been used for its therapeutic, stress relieving effects. But you don’t have to book an appointment and pay big money for a massage that you can perform yourself at home. Though our minds may drift to laying on a table, covered in a towel when we think of massage, it’s really as simple as using your hands to relax an area that holds tension. Wrinkles on the forehead can often be a sign of stress, especially if you’re one to furrow your brow when feeling under pressure. If this is you, simply give a little TLC to your forehead to make those lines disappear. Taking your fingertips, gently rub and massage your forehead and temples. Using small circles, work across the width of your face. Doing this regularly will not only relax the wrinkles, but also promote blood flow to the area to plump them back up.

5. Exercise

Just like with massage, exercise can have an incredible effect on your skin, especially if it’s suffering due to stress. Even a small amount of exercise each day can promote stress relief that will help reduce the signs of wrinkles. But the benefits don’t stop there. Exercise promotes blood flow and circulation for healthier skin overall as well as working up a good sweat which helps to remove toxins from the body. Overall, exercise makes for a healthier body and the signs will quickly show on your face, helping you to appear more youthful and energized.

6. Stay Hydrated

If you’re incorporating exercise into your healthier lifestyle, you’ll also want to add in adequate hydration while you’re at it. Though facial moisturizers can help alleviate the signs of forehead wrinkles, they can only do so much on their own. If you find your skin has stalled out, even with the use of a good moisturizer, it’s time to start working from the inside out. Many experts will tell you that 8 glasses of water a day should be your goal, but that number can actually vary. If you find you’ve increased your amount of exercise, that number may also increase. Likewise, if you drink 6 glasses a day and feel fully hydrated, don’t force more just to reach that magic number or you could actually do more harm than good, diluting your electrolyte levels. If you’re feeling the signs of dehydration, drink more water and fine lines will disappear.

7. Eat A Balanced Diet

Just like staying hydrated, it’s important to eat a healthy and balanced diet to maintain healthy looking skin, free of wrinkles. A diet packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will help to fight off signs of aging and reduce what may already be showing on your face. Just like drinking water, eating naturally moisture-rich foods can have a similar effect. Cucumbers, celery, apples and oranges are just a few fruits and vegetables that are full of not just nutrients, but hydration, too.

8. Acupuncture

If you’re looking to step up your game in terms of fighting wrinkles, acupuncture may be the tool you’re looking for. Acupuncture has a number of health benefits associated with its use, and if you’re looking to reduce forehead wrinkles, that’s one of the big ones. Acupuncture tones facial muscles and effectively smooths our wrinkles, helping to get rid of them completely or make them appear less visible in a non-invasive way, free of surgery.

9. Makeup

While makeup can’t actually get rid of forehead wrinkles permanently, it can offer a temporary solution in your daily life. With the right makeup and tools, you can make wrinkles and fine lines all but disappear to the naked eye. Primers help fill lines and help reflect light away from wrinkles, essentially hiding them from sight. If you’re incorporating the above steps into your lifestyle, however, makeup trickery may only need to be used for a short while until your skin begins to show its natural, wrinkle-free self.

10. Botox

If you feel you’re a slave to your wrinkles and you have tried everything else without results, botox is the natural next step short of having surgery. There are many places where you can get nyc botox done, and despite the reluctance that some people have, the results rarely disappoint. In this small procedure, botox is injected into the forehead and fills wrinkles from the inside out, vanishing them from the surface of the skin. If you can afford regular botox, you’re set, but for most people, there are drawbacks. Botox is temporary and only lasts a few weeks. In order to keep up with its regular maintenance, it can become quite costly. If money is no object, then this might be the solution for you. If you want to learn more about the process, check out https://www.nextgenoms.com/.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO moisturize and stay hydrated.
  • DON’T stay out in the sun without proper protection.
  • DO exercise and self-massage.
  • DON’T stress out.
  • DO eat a well balanced diet.
  • DON’T skip on fruits and vegetables.
  • DO try alternative approaches, like acupuncture or even botox.
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